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THE PROBLEM: In the Tropics, farmers overcome challenges of acidic, clay-like soil, extreme wet and dry seasons, and highly variable growing seasons by overusing toxic pesticides, herbicides and medicines. The long terms results of this agrochemical dependence are water pollution, soil degradation, poor animal health, compromised end product quality, and ultimately a decrease in farmers’ livelihoods.

THE SOLUTION: Sustainable farming systems and grazing practices that do not pollute with pesticides, herbicides and medicines. Our holistic rotational grazing system provides livestock with all natural forages year round. These sustainable practices create healthier soil, crops, and more productive animals.

THE NEED: We need detailed scientific data in real time to determine optimal systems for tropical grazing. We need to test different grasses and legumes, analyze forage for nutritional content, and determine the results in terms of soil health, carbon sequestration and water quality. For this, we need the right equipment. Currently, we must send samples away to other labs which is extremely expensive. An in-house forage analysis lab will make all the difference as we move forward with providing new, ultra organic alternatives for tropical grazing, improving productivity, and sharing our philosophy with others.

THE GOAL: We need $42,000 for equipment to create our own forage analysis lab at our research ranch in Costa Rica. A generous donor has pledged to match up to $21,000 of funds raised! We need to raise $21,000 by December 31st.

TESTIMONIAL: “…Estamos muy contentos con los resultados y el proceso de rotación intensivo. Ahora tenemos 25 toros de desarrollo y están rotando cada día por medio aproximadamente. En el verano si bajaríamos la carga de animales, pero por ahora se ve qué hay una buena recuperación del pasto con el invierno… Muchísimas gracias por todo el apoyo del Tropical Grazing Institute en este proyecto.”

“…We are very happy with the results and the rotational grazing process. We now have 25 development bulls and are rotating every other day approximately.  In the summer we would lower the load of animals, but for now you see what a good recovery of the grass with the winter…Thank you very much for all the support of the Tropical Grazing Institute in this project.” 

– Hacienda Ario, a working ranch in the heart of the Nicoya Peninsula on the Pacific Coast of Costa Rica

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